Our Rice Brands

For over 90 years, Riviana Foods Inc. has brought quality rice products to the American consumer. Many long-time family recipes call for one of our brands by name. Mahatma® "America's Favorite Rice" and WaterMaid® rice are favorites from the Carolina's to Florida, the Gulf Coast region to California. Carolina® and River® rice are traditional favorites in the Northeast.

If you are looking for wild rice, Gourmet House® Wild Rice offers many varieties of traditional wild rice and rice mixes. Nationwide, Success® rice, the nation's leading boil-in-bag instant rice meets consumer demand for quality and convenience; while the Riceland® Rice brand is available primarily in the mid-West.

No matter how you recognize our rice brands, look for us in the rice aisle at your local grocer. Or, for online information, click one of the brand name links on the left.

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